Are supplements necessary? By eating the right food through a varied nutrient rich diet, we should be getting all the right nutrients into us. However, over time, it has become apparent that some of the foods we eat aren’t as nutrient rich as we might have hoped. Farmers turnover the land at a much faster pace and the nutrients are leached from the soil, so unless you grow your own vegetables or live off an entirely organic diet, it might well be worth thinking about supplementation.
I recommend the use of supplements not only in a state of deficiency, but also as a preventative measure to support a malfunctioning pathway. Choosing which brand of supplements may seem a bit daunting, but it is of utmost importance to get this right. Are the supplements you take full of excipients? What is the dosage? It may be so low that taking the supplements may be of no benefit at all and merely putting you out of pocket. Currently, I recommend about six brands, which are not only free of nasty excipients, but also have a therapeutic dosage. Do be mindful of where you buy from as some may do more harm than good.
When taking supplements make sure you take them at the right time of day, take the right dosage and check whether they should be taken with or without food. For example minerals should be taken with food as they require stomach acid for digestion, Zinc however should be taken on an empty stomach.
Whatever the reason for supplementation, make sure you address the root cause first and consult your healthcare practitioner.

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