What is naturopathy?

“A system of health care which encourages and promotes the body’s natural self-healing mechanisms using an eclectic approach”.

The principles of naturopathy

  • Vis Medicatrix Naturae (The Healing Power of Nature). Given the right conditions the ‘vital force’ will heal itself.
  • Prevention is preferable to cure – Focus on overall health and disease prevention.
  • Tolle Causam (Find the Cause) – The underlying cause is identified and treated not the symptoms.
  • First do no harm – Use the most natural, least invasive, least toxic therapies.
  • Treat the whole person (holistic) – Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, not just the disease.
  • Empower patients to take responsibility for their own health/vitality – The Naturopath is an educator/teacher.

Naturopathic nutrition

The definition of naturopathic nutrition is to promote health and restore wellbeing through appropriate nourishment.  Foods should be consumed in as natural a state as possible.  We should focus on making our internal environment an inhospitable place for disease to flourish.  Some people are more prone to picking up parasites for example and this is due to their internal environment being perfect for the parasite to thrive.

When assessing a patient’s needs, I use the principles of Functional Medicine.

  • We are all biochemically individual (Genetic testing if desired).
  • Patient centred approach not disease centred.
  • Practitioner’s role is to help the patient find a dynamic balance between all aspects of their health (body, mind, spirit).
  • Factors influencing our health are a complex web of interconnections, not a straightforward cause and effect.
  • Health should be viewed as positive vitality, not just the absence of disease.
  • Promotion of organ reserve as a way of prevention.

What to expect in a consultation

An initial consultation will normally take 90 minutes. During this time I will ask questions about the client’s condition, medical history, diet and lifestyle.  In addition it is important to know of any conventional treatments that they may be taking. I may look into the iris (Iridology), or do face, tongue and/or nail diagnosis to get a better picture of the complete health state of the client.

If needed, pathology testing such as hair, stool, or blood analysis may be recommended. Depending on the client’s reason for visit, I may take their blood pressure and on some occasions it may be necessary to take their weight.  All of this will only be carried out with the client’s permission.  Once all of the information is gathered, I will formulate a treatment plan that addresses all areas of the client’s needs.  This plan will focus on providing the body with the optimum chance to heal itself. It may include advice on diet, lifestyle, exercise or other suitable remedies (supplements, tissue salts, etc.). If necessary I may refer the client to other practitioners as part of an integrated health care approach.  The client should return for a follow-up 6 weeks later.  In this consultation I will review the client’s condition and make any changes as necessary.  This appointment will last between 30 – 45 minutes.

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